We offer colocation services for companies. Our data center is located in Nakkila in the old cave of the Finnish Defense Forces. The direct translation of the Company name Luolakallio is Cave Rock. 
We rent both individual server space and fully dedicated server rooms.
Colocation services are complemented by comprehensive additional services provided by partner companies.

Data center services from Luolakallio

The cave was built to withstand the direct conventional weaponry of the 1960s as well as the tactical nuclear weapon above the city of Pori. The cave is about 20m inside the rock and the actual space is formed by a reinforced concrete arch hall built inside the rock. Inside, there are equipment rooms with EMP protection as well as all HVAC technology. The cave is exceptionally dry. The rock is waterproof and the cave is located at the highest point of the area.

The cave will be renovated to include data center facilities with several different security levels. The highest classification level of state will be carried out in such a way that it meets the toughest KATAKRI II level requirements – which is the highest standard civilian premises in Finland. All changes will also fulfill ISO27001 certification requirements.

All security technology has been replaced in the 2020s.

The redundant power supply to the equipment rooms is either direct electricity or electricity which is backed up by the generator, both of which are also backed up by the UPS equipment.

Cooling is implemented fault-tolerantly with two different techniques

The data center is monitored automatically 24/7.

The fiber connections in the data center are doubled / tripled and the POP nodes of the two operators are located in the cave.

has its own AS number and its own IP addresses. Luolakallio will also apply for a telecommunications operator in accordance with Finnish legislation.

Colocation Service

Luolakallio provides colocation service with the required amount of rack space at the agreed security level.

KivenColo provides server space for a single server or device.

KallionColo is a cost-effective data center space dedicated to the customer.

In addition to the data center space, the colocation service includes electricity, cooling and agreed telecommunications.

Depending on the agreement and the level of security chosen, the client company has either its own 24/7 access to the space or access accompanied by an agreement.

Other services

The range of services from Luolakallio focuses on colocation services, however Luolakallio’s parent companies and partners offer full ICT services for Luolakallio’s customers:

  • Server maintenance and management
  • ICT outsourcing
  • Telecommunication services
  • Log management
  • Various IoT and software services

History of Luolakallio

The Luolakallio cave was built at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s for the needs of the Finnish Defense Forces and Posti-Tele. In 2009-2019, event activities were produced in the cave.

The circle closed in a way at the end of 2019, when four Finnish IT companies bought Luolakallio Oy’s share capital and the cave for the production of computer room services, i.e. for the purpose for which it was built during the Cold War.

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